Don’t Wait Until The 11th Hour? Upgrade Your Windows XP And Office 2003 Systems Today.


UPGRADE FROM Windows XP and Office 2003 NOW!

 If You Don’t Your Business Will Be at Great Risk!


Update Windows XP Spokane

If you wait much longer to upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003, your entire business will be at risk. Time is running out—April 8, 2014 is fast approaching. If you don’t upgrade before then, your data will be exposed to theft, corruption, and encryption from cybercriminals!

On April 8th, Microsoft support for XP and Office 2003 will end, along with important security fixes, patches, and updates. You won’t be able to prevent new exploits, nor can they be fixed.   Your business will be wide open to cyber-attacks, data loss, network intrusions, and hacking.

Cybercriminals know that Windows won’t provide security or support for XP and Office 2003 after April 7th, and they’re preparing to attack!  

Smart business owners and managers in and around Spokane and Coeur d’Alene are finally realizing how disastrous this can be, and many are scheduling with HiTechnique to immediately upgrade their IT systems. They know that upgrading provides them security, as well as a boost in efficiencies and productivity.

We don’t want you to have to wait beyond April 2014 and risk your business. 

So we’re putting out this warning to schedule your upgrade now!

If you don’t upgrade:

  • Your medical practice and business associates who don’t won’t be privacy and healthcare (HIPAA/HITECH) required compliance objectives;
  • Your law firm’s client files will be exposed to cybercriminals;
  • Your accounting firm won’t meet regulatory or compliance requirements. 

No matter what type of business you have, running unsupported software puts your customer information, company data, and business at great risk 

We don’t know how else to warn you, other than to say it once again:

Now is the time to upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003!

Call HiTechniques’ WindowXP Upgrade Specialists today at (509) 326-4500 or email us at [email protected].

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