Our Strategic IT Partners

Strategic IT Partners

Strategic Partnerships That Benefit Our Clients

Taken individually, our list of technology partners is pretty darned impressive. After all, these industry leaders are the best-of-breed in each of their categories and are at the forefront of technology.

But consider how they fit together and you realize that their selection was no accident.  Our partners were carefully chosen to enable HiTechnique to provide powerful business solutions typically beyond the reach of small to mid-sized organizations.

We have also developed business alliances with suppliers such as telcos, hosting companies and data centers. These providers complement our offerings and ensure all your technology works well together.

We are proud to have established partnerships with the following technology leaders:

  • Microsoft, Certified Partner
  • Citrix, Silver Solution Advisor
  • VMware, Professional Partner
  • McAfee, Partner
  • Symantec, Partner
  • Trend Micro, Partner
  • HP, Business Partner
Spokane IT Support


“HiTechnique has shared in Spokane Symphony’s vision and delivered the state-of-the-art network at The Fox Theater. From network design to implementation, all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. As our technology partner, HiTechnique fulfills all of our IT needs and continues to contribute to our success.”

Ted Brown, ISD Manager Spokane Symphony and The Fox Theater Read More >>